Central Coast Builder- New Homes & Renovations

New Homes

We have a passion for well-built, beautiful homes. We will do everything we can to ensure your new home is delivered within budget, on time and to a standard that exceeds your expectations.

Dual Occupancy

Whether you are an investor or a home owner utilising unused space, we will work with you through the design stage, approvals, site clearing and construction. Talk to us about the exciting possibilities dual occupancy construction can offer.

Commercial Buildings

Alba Creations have extensive experience in the commercial construction sector as custom builders of small to medium commercial spaces. We will work with you to complete the ideal commercial space for your needs, from approvals to construction.

Knockdown Rebuild

Sometimes knocking down your existing home and rebuilding is more cost-effective and efficient than renovating your existing home. Especially if your present dwelling is falling well short of what you desire in a home but you love where you live. You get to design and construct your dream home without severing the ties you have to your community.


Whether it’s a complete structural revamp, or just adding some more space, Alba Creations will give you the best renovation result possible.


We can visit you on-site to assess your building’s requirements and come up with an ongoing plan maintenance plan tailored to your needs. Or we can perform one-off maintenance or renovation jobs as they arise.

Central Coast Builder- New Homes & Renovations

Commercial maintenance

Alba Creations offers building maintenance services for commercial buildings, real estate agents and strata managers

Central Coast Builder- New Homes & Renovations

Granny Flats

Granny flats are a great way to accommodate extra family or add value to your home.

Central Coast Builder- New Homes & Renovations

Additions and alterations

IF you've outgrown your current home, remodeling and future proofing it may be the best affordable option.

Central Coast Builder- New Homes & Renovations

Decks, verandahs and pergolas

Outdoor living spaces are a great way to increase the footprint and value of your home.